Our team

Lionel Retreatleiter

Lionel Schibli

retreat leader

Lionel is one of the founders of mycelf along with Philemon and runs the retreats. His mission is to restore the power of mushrooms to their place in society.
He has guided many people through their psychedelic experiences and will use his wealth of experience to help you get the most out of your mushroom encounter.

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dr Ceylo H. Smits


Ceylo is a doctor and will be present during the ceremony. If you are worried about your physical condition, she is at your side with her medical expertise. This way you can feel as safe as possible in your experience.

Philemon Retreat Team

Philemon Schibli

main guide

Philemon is co-founder of mycelf. Having had extensive experience with psychedelics himself, he has made it his mission to enable others to experience them as well. As a high-performance coach and personal trainer, he has helped many people to develop their full potential. On the retreat he will also support you with his skills.



Amelie is a psychologist and believes in the transformative potential of expanded states of consciousness. Through her professional competence, her empathy and her own experience, she helps to create an environment in which you can feel safe and get the best out of your experience.

*Our psychologist works part-time for us. Unfortunately, since psychedelics are not yet widely accepted in the medical world, they cannot make a public appearance here.

mycelf - who are we?

Behind the mycelf brand is Provithor BV We are a leading supplier of psychedelic truffles based in Volkel, the Netherlands. Truffles have been grown in our family business for more than 25 years. We have everything from truffles for your psychedelic experience, microdosing and accessories for growing magic mushrooms.

We have experienced the transformative power of truffles ourselves and are convinced of their potential.

We have now decided to create an optimal environment for people who want to have their psychedelic experience with professional guidance.

For this we have assembled a team consisting of experienced psychonauts and medical professionals. We regularly host psychedelic retreats under the direction of Lionel Schibli.

Psychedelisches Retreat

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