Psychedelic Retreat

Experience the power of the fungus

mycelf offers you a psychedelic Retreat with medical and psychological care, professional companions, and intensive and follow - up.

Psychedelic Retreat

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Psychedelic Retreat, A Single Monitoring, Coaching

Our psychedelic Retreat offers you the opportunity to experience with the help of magic truffles the breakthrough in your development. Completely legal, safe, and in an optimal environment. Auf dem 3 tägigen Retreat wirst du von einem Team aus erfahrenen Begleitern betreut. We prepare you intensively for your experience and assist you then integrate the experience into your life. So you can the potential of this powerful substances in the best possible way for you to use.

The potential of the psychedelic experience

So science has a rating of psychedelics:

In the right environment experienced, can psych allow precious experiences a lot of progress. Already in the 1950s to 1970s, there have been numerous scientific studies showing that psychedelics can be very helpful in the treatment of mental illness. After the research with these substances was long forbidden, she was taken in 2008 by the Johns Hopkins University. Meanwhile, a large number of universities worldwide are focusing on the exploration of the therapy with the help of psychedelics. There are now 14 studies on these topics. Currently, the treatment of depression, alcohol and nicotine addiction and the fear of death of cancer patients studied. For this purpose, Psilocybin is used, the active ingredient which is also included in the truffles. The first studies are already in the clinical Phase, the results so far are extremely promising. So, the US food and drug administration FDA of a Psilocybin has awarded study is already the Status of a “Breakthrough Therapy”, a therapy with a particularly high impact. This also means that the FDA supports the research efforts of the University so that it comes to a quick approval.

In a study by the Johns Hopkins University, participants reported the following results:

gesteigerte Offenheit

Increased Openness

Studies confirm that the use of benzodiazepines can result from Psilocybin to an increase in openness. This was also 14 months later, is still measurable.

gesteigertes WOHLBEFINDEN

Increased Well-Being

89% of the participants in a study reported that their experience has led to an increase in their well-being.

optimistischere Einstellung

More Optimistic Attitude

For 68.8% of participants in a study, their experience led to a more positive attitude about life itself, for 61,1% to a more positive attitude about themselves.

bessere Anpassungsfähigkeit

Better adaptability

89% of the participants in a study reported that their experience has led at least to a moderate change in behavior.

In a study by the Johns Hopkins University, 83% of participants said they had received Psilocybin, that this was one of the 5 most important experiences of your life.

Our participants report:

How do you experience the potential of psychedelic experiences?

How does it feel to have a psychedelic experience?

What is Psilocybin causes in the brain? What are the experiences to come to you? How does it feel?

Our Philosophy

Safe, transformational experience

Our concept is designed to ensure that our psychedelic Retreat offers you the optimum environment for your experience. I want you to feel you with your experience as safe as possible and get the maximum Benefit from it. 

You can expect from us: 


Medical & psychological care

Psychological Screening to exclude the possible risk factors (eg, psychosis)

Psychologisches 1-zu-1 Gespräch vor dem Retreat

Medizinische Betreuung während der Zeremonie

intensive vor und nachbereitung vorschlag 2

Intensive Pre- & Post-Processing

2 weeks preparation course via Zoom Q&As and individual follow-up

During the retreat, 1 day for Pre- & post-processing reserved

The opportunity to experience a breathing exercise before taking the truffle-already an advanced state of consciousness to

professionelles Umfeld

Professional Environment

Companion with many years of experience

According to the latest knowledge & Knowledge of psychedelic traditions designed program

For the mushroom experience music composed

Our Services

Psychedelic Retreat & Individuals

Psychedelisches Retreat

Psychedelic Retreat

Experience the power of mushrooms

Individual Support/ Trip Sitting

Experience the power of mushrooms

Our Team

Your companion during the retreat:

Lionel Retreatleiter

Lionel Schibli

Retreat leader

Lionel, together with Philemon, one of the founders of mycelf and directs Retreats. His Mission is to give back the power of the mushrooms your place in society.
He has accompanied many people on their psychedelic experiences, and will help you with its great experience to get the Best out of your encounter with the fungus out.

Philemon Retreat Team

Philemon Schibli

Main guide

Philemon is a co-founder of mycelf. He has gained a lot of experience with psychedelics, and has taken on the task to an experience with you. As a High Performance Coach and Personal Trainer, he has accompanied many people to reach their full Potential. On the Retreat he will also support you with his Can.


On all questions you can reach us via this contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible with you.

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Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions of our participants

We believe there are no bad Trips. Just like there is no bad lessons. You like upsetting and challenging or gentle and comforting to be. Since the active ingredient is mined from the body, you will each time, and looking back, is always an asset.


What there are, are bad environments (Setting) and a bad attitude (set). The “Setting” and the “set” resistance to be free.


The substance transferred to the consumers for 3-4 hours in a dream-like state. Within the Wake up period, and appears, in retrospect, like a red thread through it, may appear to you everything is possible. You're telling this story, and your imagination has no limits. But just because your canvas an exciting scene plays, you're not still in danger. The own that may occur scared you to perceive, and to you, is a normal part of a psychedelic experience, and has not been rare in retrospect, the most important part of the journey.


In short: “Bad Trip” is a Synonym for resistance

No. A Trip on magic mushrooms can lead to psychosis, is a widespread prejudice. In fact, it is now common opinion in science, and that this risk applies only to people with a genetic predisposition for psychosis (schizophrenia, multiple personalities). Only about 1% of the population, in which a strong Trip can activate a psychosis that would otherwise be triggered by traumatic experiences.

People where cases of psychosis in close blood relatives are known, should refrain from any experience with magic truffles. For all others, this risk does not exist.

Also, a residual risk will lead our psychologist, a preliminary interview with you, at the Screening takes place on the possible risks. Such Screening is the current Psilocybin studies, one of the most important measures to ensure that only people to participate, for an experience with Psilocybin is not a risk. Our psychologist is OK, you can be reassured that participation in the Retreat for you for sure.

Yes. The acquisition and possession of psilocybin-containing truffles in the Netherlands is completely legal, you can have nothing to do with peace of mind to the experience, without fear that you could thus find themselves in legal trouble.

It is impossible to overdose on psilocybin-containing truffles. The active ingredient allows the waking dream, Psilocin, is non-toxic. So many truffles, cause, such as an Overdose, would not you get in your stomach. To do no matter how much, after about 3-4 hours, the active ingredient is broken down, and your perception returns to the normal state.

The scientist and the former narcotics, the UK, Dr. David Nutt, in 2010, released a list of the 20 most famous psycho-active substances according to their risk of potencyial listed were. Psylocibinhaltige mushrooms and truffles have been classified as the safest substance of all. However, there are also some of the exclusion criteria, which in no case truffles consumed should be.

Mainly it is about some mental illnesses.

So people who are suffering from psychosis (e.g. schizophrenia) or the genetic predisposition for psychosis have to consume in any case, psychedelic truffles, as this can lead to the onset of psychosis should.

In the case of dissociative disorders, the taking of the truffle can also lead to problems. Therefore, also in this case, apart from that.

Another exclusion criterion is the use of antidepressants, and it is sufficient if, three weeks before the consumption of truffles were not taken antidepressants.

Otherwise, a normal, mentally stable Constitution is a prerequisite.

Should you be unsure if any of this applies to you, you no need to Worry to. In preparation for our Retreat these points will be clarified through a psychological Test, and a conversation with our psychologist, so that you know, then, whether participation is for you for sure.

In principle, Yes. We maintain the value of voluntary action in all areas. Our recommendation is an intake of 25-30 grams of fresh psyilocybinhaltiger truffle. For what amount you decide is up to you.

We always abide by the legal requirements. To the current point in time, the Retreats take place as planned. Should one of the events due to state regulations, Expected to be cancelled, will be returned to you, of course, your money, or able to participate in an alternative date.

Psychedelisches Retreat

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Psychedelisches Retreat

Bleib auf dem laufenden mit unserem Newsletter zu Retreats und allen Themen rund um Psychedelika.